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Learning English is not enough when trying to get ahead in Corporate America. You could be a second-generation American but still be ostracized from the upper echelons of white-collar jobs because you are failing to do one thing: Talking like a white man.

It’s the unfortunate truth that we have to emulate a society built on prejudice to gain an extra edge in our careers. But this is a hard truth. Despite our fellow brothers and sisters fighting for civil justice on the streets, a quieter prejudice festers unchallenged within cubicle walls, open-office spaces, and Zoom meetings.

Racial and gender…

When it was first erected, the May Company Building looked like a ziggurat, a Tower of Babel-like structure. It looked out of place, ornate with a giant, gold cylindrical cornice. It was a monolith. A soon-to-be symbol of a miraculous story.

The May Company Building along with others (the E. Clemson Building and The Wilshire Tower) were all part of a vision. A vision created by a man named A.W. Ross. A.W. Ross was a developer who saw the potential in what is now called the “Miracle Mile”. He bought the land for $54,000 in 1921 and he saw it…

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The history of the Los Angeles River illustrates a prime example of monumental civil action. Our city banded together to respond to a major natural disaster, flooding. The river stood like a guardian, fighting our most torrential downpours. Few realize this purpose and how critical the river’s role is to our way of life. The current discord in revitalizing the river to its natural state demands a revisit to this vital history.

The first time I saw the L.A. river, I rode the Amtrak. You can see a good stretch of it outside your window. I thought it looked pretty…

Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Zoe Deschanel sit on a bench, on top of a hill, overlooking Downtown Los Angeles. Levitt points at the Continental Building, exclaiming its importance to the Los Angeles skyline as the first skyscraper in the city.

"I wish people would notice it more," he says.

-from the film, (500) Days of Summer -

To people's credit, it's easy to miss. Built in 1905, The Continental Building, also known as the Braly Block, was considered the tallest skyscraper in the city for 50 years. That's a long time to hold that kind of title. You wonder why no…

I spent my summer exploring some of Los Angeles’ storied homes, namely, the Case Study Houses. Learning about their origins, these picturesque homes seemed so distinct for their time. Why were they created? What purpose did they serve? I wanted to know more so I did a bit of research.

If you ever wondered what a bunch of bored architects would do if they had a few drinks together, look no further than the Case Study House program.

The Case Study House program was sponsored by Arts and Architecture magazine. Back then, I guess media companies had the kind of…

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minimalist. architecture nerd. history buff. transit enthusiast. student of love. voice of an immigrant.

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